If you’re in the market for a newsletter from the frontlines of a magazine launch, you’re in the right place.

Some of you might remember The Magazine Diaries, a wee blue book with 100 magazine pros writing 100 words about the state of the magazine industry. Or maybe you saw the COVID-19 reboot online.

Well, in the spirit of the Magazine Diaries, we’re launching The Grub Street Journal, a quarterly magazine for people that make magazines.

There are already great magazines, newsletters and podcasts about magazine publishing out there. But they tend to have a focus on the business side and while we care deeply how magazine people make a living, we want to find out more about them.

While The Grub Street Journal is absolutely a passion project, we also see it as a research project. We want test out the things that we think will make print magazines sustainable into the future.

And that’s where this newsletter comes in. Think of it as a companion piece to the magazine, providing behind the scenes chat, insight into things we’ve learned on our magazine making journey and updates on the next issue.

We hope it will also provide a way for magazine people to tell us what they think. We’re always listening.

All the best,

Peter & Jo

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